Monday 23 November 2020, Novotel Hotel Parramatta


Invited Speakers

Virginia Howie

Virginia is a Registered Nurse, and a parent of a child with intellectual disability. As a nurse academic, Virginia has become a strong advocate for people with intellectual developmental disability in both the clinical and academic settings through her teaching, research, and doctoral studies.

Associate Professor Nathan Wilson

Nathan is a registered nurse with over 30 years’ experience in working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families as a nurse, manager, clinical specialist, clinical educator, applied researcher, and independent consultant. Nathan’s applied research is focussed on enhancing the health, wellbeing and social participation of people with IDD, with an underlying emphasis on chronic illness, men’s health, masculinity, participation and social inclusion. He has published over 90 scientific papers about disability and regularly presents his findings at national and international conferences.

Dr Peter Lewis

Dip. App. Sc. (Nursing), B.A., PhD., RN

Peter Lewis began his nursing career with the Hornsby-Kuring-Gai Developmental Disability Service when he was first registered in 1991. His move into paediatrics resulted in a long career caring for children and young people with a variety of chronic and complex illnesses in both hospital and community settings. Since joining the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University in 2015, Peter has been an active researcher in the area of Intellectual Disability and a valuable collaborator with and colleague of Nathan Wilson.